• Speeding
    One of our most common traffic law offences that we deal with are speeding cases. Our driving solicitors can help you avoid heavy speeding charges, however serious they are. Contact our driving solicitors today.
  • Careless / Dangerous Driving
    Have you been charged with either careless or dangerous driving? Contact Us to see how we can assist you, and help you avoid a potential driving ban or penalty points.
  • Mobile Phones
    The increased usage of mobile phones for all our daily tasks has only led to an increase in mobile phone driving cases in traffic law. Contact Us today if you’ve been charged with using a mobile phone while driving.
  • Drink Driving
    Drink Driving offences are one of the most serious traffic law cases when it comes to punishment. Committing a drink driving offence could lead to heavily penalty points or imprisonment. Here at Blackwater Law, our driving solicitors can help with your drink driving case.
  • Penalty Points & Totting Up
    Many drivers lose track or underestimate the amount of penalty points that can tot up on their driving licence. Contact our driving solicitors for help understanding your penalty point situation.
  • Common Questions
    Traffic Law is a very complex sector, and therefore we understand that you may have many questions regarding this. Our driving solicitors are only too happy to help with any questions you may have. Get in touch today.