Graham Mann has spent 25 years as a court practitioner, conducting trials in courts across Scotland throughout that time. He has developed a loyal client base who demand a lawyer who will fight their corner, and who will get results.

Over the past 10 years with the increase in detection of road traffic offending such as speeding, drink driving, and mobile phone use while driving, Graham Mann and his firm have turned their attention to defending Road Traffic prosecutions. In this time they have set out to keep drivers on the road where possible, and in some cases keep people in their job.

With established courtroom skills gained through years of conducting criminal trials, Graham Mann and the firm are one step ahead in achieving success in all types of prosecutions under Road Traffic Law.

    Kenny Miller cleared of driving with a mobile phone
    Mr Miller had been accused of driving in Glasgow city centre while using a phone. Read the full story of how Glasgow Road Traffic Law helped.
    HIGH PROFILE - Glasgow bin lorry crash
    Glasgow Road Traffic Law were part of the legal team working on the Glasgow bin lorry crash. As reported in the news here is the full story
    Taxi Business Owner
    We regularly advise and represent taxi business owners and individual drivers. We advise on matters of licensing and defend those accused of road traffic offending. There are few jobs where a licence is more important.
    At Blackwater Road Traffic Law there is always someone on call to help when you need us.


  • We have an excellent record for achieving the best possible results for our clients. We make no outlandish claims about success rates. Each case is different. Each client is different. What we possess is knowledge, skill and experience built up over years of conducting trials in courts throughout Scotland.
  • We offer our services at a reasonable rate. We will in most cases set a fixed fee. This will be agreed in writing and payment can be spread over time if required.
  • Your case will not be passed or outsourced to “freelance” practitioners unaffiliated with the firm. This can be common practice.
  • Your case will be handled by a senior solicitor from start to finish
  • We use only the most experienced expert witnesses in their field to assist with cases where we challenge speed detection, accident cause, alcohol readings and other matters
  • How offending is policed is vitally important. We constantly update our knowledge on the equipment used by the police in speed detection and drink driving cases. We also study the procedures followed by the police. This knowledge is crucial to a successful defence lawyer
  • We consult with experts, bridging the gap between the law and the science
  • We have a long track record of success in defending clients in driving offences, from the most serious prosecuted in the High Court, to  speeding cases prosecuted in the Justice of the Peace Court


Graham Mann Road Traffic Lawyer
Graham Mann
Jamie McNair Road Traffic Lawyer
Jamie McNair