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Driving a car is all about getting to where you want to go safely, and there are many ways in which you could find yourself breaking the law while behind the wheel. You could be driving in a dangerous way, whether that’s because of your speed or because you have been taking drugs or drink driving in Inverness. There are also dangers related to using your mobile phone while driving.

If you have been searching for a lawyer to deal with your road traffic law case, you may believe that this is only a recent practice. However this is not the case – and it can be difficult to find a well-trained specialist who deals in exactly the area that you require.

Our company are highly professional, and are used as a key source of information and representation in a huge number of areas related to traffic law. We have many years of experience in this area, meaning that you can be sure that we can offer exactly what you need. No matter where in Scotland you are based, we will be able to help you to deal with your case from start to finish.


    Kenny Miller cleared of driving with a mobile phone
    Mr Miller had been accused of driving in Glasgow city centre while using a phone. Read the full story of how Glasgow Road Traffic Law helped.
    HIGH PROFILE - Glasgow bin lorry crash
    Glasgow Road Traffic Law were part of the legal team working on the Glasgow bin lorry crash. As reported in the news here is the full story


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“I stood to lose my licence for a long time had I been convicted. I had been disqualified before and the case against me looked strong but under cross examination the police evidence on my speed was poor and I was found not guilty. My solicitor seemed to know all the technical points needed to pick the prosecution case apart.”

Found Not Guilty after Trial – STILL ON THE ROAD

“I protested my innocence on this one from the start. It seemed it would be an easy case for the prosecution but I took my chances and was found not guilty.  Blackwater Law had been recommended to me and I am glad I took the trouble to instruct the firm. They consulted with me before trial and I couldn’t have asked for more in court. Top class service start to finish.”

Found Not Guilty after Trial – STILL ON THE ROAD